Rethymnon combines two opposite features: the old town's charm, with proximity to a long sandy beach. This city has no airport, but its port is very famous.

Although it is the third largest town in Crete, Rethymnon never feels like a city as Chania and Heraklion do. Instead, it feels more ancient. It's a place with its own rhythm and pace, a very romantic place. It has preserved the touches of the two Occupations (Turks, Venetians) and it really adds to the scenery. There are plenty of things to try in Rethymnon, apart from nonstop exploring. Its nightlife is the most exciting throughout the island. A journey through history can also be traveled through the various museums spread across the city. Manousos and his crew can organize tours and excursion for Rethymnon and any other place of interest. Just contact us!